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A school is the institution of knowledge and fortune building the powerful future. If the foundation is not sturdy then how can we assume our children to get the exact knowledge in order to produce good result! Vaastu Everybody admits the importance of education in this 21st century. Well-planned study and training are needed to get success in this era of high technique and competition. One has to go to several educational institutes for good and higher learning.

The students of an educational institute will get cheerful atmosphere if it is constructed and decorated as per Vaastu as given below. Their mental concentration will increase. This will produce positive results and their aim will be fulfilled. The fame of the institute will be improved and the students will progress. The atmosphere of the institute will be full of love and friendly feelings, which are necessary much today.

School Vaastu Consultants

School Vaastu Consultants

Following points should be kept in mind while building School:

  • The building of the school must be on a right-angled plot.
  • An underground water source such as a tank, well or bore-well must be in east, north or northeast zone.
  • Open space for playground must be in the east direction.
  • Overhead water tank should be in the northwest zone.
  • No basement should be constructed in the school building.
  • The main entrance of the school must be in the east or north direction. It is as per Vaastu and auspicious too.
  • The length to width ratio of the classrooms must not be more than 1:2. all the rooms should be right-angled.
  • Blackboard of the class must be in the west direction. A small platform can be constructed here for the teachers.
  • There should not be any beam anywhere in the classroom. This will create tension in the students sitting under it.
  • The entrance to the classroom should be in the north or east of the northeast zone. The door should always be of two panes and opening inside.
  • Office of the school, where the fee is deposited and admissions are given, should be in the east of the school building.
  • The room of the principal of the school must be in the west, south or southwest zone with a door opening in the east direction.
  • The auditorium of the school should be in the north direction with a door in the east direction.
  • The building of school can be constructed in the west or south direction. The building should be constructed in the west or south of the southwest zone if it is to be constructed in "L" shape. This will leave open space in the east and north directions.
  • The stairway of the building can be constructed anywhere in the southwest zone. It should never be constructed in the northeast zone.
  • Lavatory and bathroom can be constructed in the west of the northwest zone. They must never be in the northeast zone.
  • The color of the classroom and its curtains should be light blue, light green or light brown. White color makes the students lazy. Rest of the school building can be colored in light cream or white. Dark colors bring violence in the behavior of the students.
  • The location of the door of the class should be such that the students and teachers should not have their back towards it, while studying.
  • There must be photographs of the great men in the classrooms to motivate the students.
  • The laboratory and computer room must be in the west with doors opening in the east direction.
  • Staff room andcommon room for the students must be in the northwest zone.


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