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Hotel Vaastu

Good arrangement of Hotels attract plentiful of visitors, thus improving the profit to order to make hospitality more heartening. Vaastu plays a dynamic role in welcoming guests and making profits as the location of hotel and directions of particular room in hotel are directly linked to the guest's arrival. If infrastructure of hotel is wrongly made then it will certainly not fetch as much visitors and profit the way it should make.

Hotels must be constructed before taking some important Vaastu instructions so that it should not ever sit without visitors even after building a lavishing hotel. Vaastu for hotels supports a great deal in confirming that the hotel will observe a booming business,Vaastu for Hotel Room with the arrival of more and more number of guests.

There are a ample of things that are taken into thought, while recommending the right Vaastu therapies for hotels like the selection of site, location of the kitchen, placement of different electronic equipments, placement of Front Desk, location of different rooms and many more. Before constructing a hotel Vaastu must be suspected in order to check the site, location, typography, geography, soil and directions while in present hotel Vaastu experts advise few remedies to abolish the negative effects of wrong direction.

Hotel Vaastu Consultants

Hotel Vaastu Consultants

Some Important Vaastu remedies for Hotel:

  • According to Vaastu-Shastra plot for hotels must be selected in regular shapes such as rectangular and square while shapes like hexagon, triangular or oval must be avoided to gain profit.
  • Hotel location should have at least two or more roads mainly on the North or East side.
  • Leave the portion of North and East open while building hotel.
  • Hotel must be well aerated, illuminated and large.
  • Pantry or kitchen must be given South-east corner and other electrical equipment’s including geysers, meters should also be employed in this direction only.
  • Kitchen should be built at Ground floor only.
  • Visitor's room should be made in South-west side of hotel with beds placed in South or West so that they sleep with head towards South or East.
  • Place balcony of hotel rooms in Eastern or Northern direction.
  • Bathrooms and lavatories must be made in North-west or West.
  • Hotel premises should be huge and open to maintain the flow of positive energy.


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